As you probably guessed by the title, I am a redhead.  Oops!  I meant to say a natural redhead and I’ve heard almost every stereotype about us.  Everything from us being witches, werewolves, daywalkers(vampires who are immune to sunlight, for those of you are not aware of that term) to how we are a product of incest, that we are alien-human hybrids and of course, how bitchy we allegedly are.

Yes, I’ve heard it all and I’m sure many fellow redheads have heard the same.  The one I have heard a lot of lately is that we are mega bitches.  I can’t speak for redheaded men as I don’t know many but this is something the ladies often get labeled as and most of the time, it’s from men.

About a few months ago, I looked up some information on redheads because I wanted to see how people in the past actually treated us.  During that search, I came across some blogs written by fellow redheads, admirers and those who just had something against us.  At that time, that’s when I found a site where quite a few of the men had no problems calling us bitches and some even went to the extent of warning others to stay away from us.  Instead of getting all “bitchy” from what I read, I actually laughed!

On that site, some women had wanted to know from the men what they thought of certain hair colors on women.   Some men didn’t have a preference.  Others preferred only blonds or brunettes or raven hair and to my surprise, I came across quite a few men who had a thing for us redheaded gals.  With the amount of men who said they liked redheads, I came across an equal amount or more who said that they never wanted anything to do with us because of our temperamental moods or how their experiences with us were “bad” because we are such mega bitches.  Of course, no one said this about all of the little blonds or brunettes out there.  Gee, what a shock.

People, mainly men, don’t seem to understand that many redheads take a long time to anger.  Going by how I am as well as from some of the blogs and comments I’ve read from other redheads out there, the only time we get that explosive temper is when we hear or talk about something that we are passionate about.  For me, animal abuse always sets me off as I have no use for people who abuse animals.  Other then that, I, as well as others take a long time to get to that boiling point.  Of course, there are some that are quite moody but that can apply to anyone regardless of their hair color.

The one thing I think I can safely say is that we redheads have zero tolerance for stupidity.  No matter what time period it was or where we lived, redheads have always some across so many stupid people out there and it was those stupid people who relentlessly tried to make us feel like freaks or gone to the extent of trying to kill us off.  Is it any wonder why we have no tolerance for such people?  Even to this day, there are people who believe that we are soulless beings that should be exterminated or how we shouldn’t be allowed to marry.  Let’s face it, after putting up with crap like that, anyone in their right mind would have no patience for such stupidity and when one is exposed to it, can you blame a person for getting irritated by it?

So to all of those people out there who have ever set off our temper and now call us bitches because of it, remember the following words:  We’re not bitches, you’re just stupid.

“Here’s to those who wish us well and those who don’t can go to Hell.” – Elaine Benes